DarkStory : ผู้กล้าไททัน

Publisher Winner Online
Category game
Size 649 MB
First Registration Date 28 August 2017
Version (Update Date) 1.5


DarkStory, an ultimate action fantasy 3D MMORPG game, internal energy from legends retold in one of the period with master named “Mookyang” who had a skill in martial arts and made the one of the wizard envied. Then, he had cursed the entire world to become fantasy world, several demons were born and later something happened!!
When the brutal king had murdered the father of Mookyang, then he tried to practice the martial arts for the revenge of his father. During the way to the revenge, he was killed by the protectors accidentally. Therefore, the spirit of Mookyang was broken into ten thousands parts and dwelled with the masters who were aimed to defeat the king and given them the special power… and the masters who had received the spirit power from Mookyang, one of them was the master who entering to DarkStory land.

★ OPEN WORLD travelling to fantasy world and meeting with several friends. Murdering freely with Free PK on the unlimited map with 3D graphics view as the original version of DarkStory.
★ 4 classes of the legend masters: Swordsman who has excellent strength, Saber who has excellent dexterity, Archer who has excellent accuracy and the Lancer who has excellent power.
★ The war of god and devil with the epic battle of the world, between master of gods and master of devils for the honor and hoping to conquer the world.
★ Guild war: The war of the prestige to seize top spot and to protect homeland and get rid of all enemies.
★ The war of martial arts to fight for number one of PK unlimited murdered land. Only the best master who has survived lastly becomes the master of the world.
★ Titan from the spirit of Mookyang transforms into a futuristic robot and kills all enemies with tremendous power.
★ BOSS WORLD :World boss challenge and win rare items
★ Adventure in dungeons to find the precious treasures
★ Several weapons and unique fashion styles
★ A lot of in-game events that you can join every day at any time

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