MapleStory M

Publisher NEXON Thailand
Category game
Size #
First Registration Date 24 January 2018
Version (Update Date) 4.2 and up


★ Limited Time Beta! (01/22/18 18:00 – 01/30/18 00:00 PST)
★ Take part in the Beta Test and experience the world of ‘MapleStory M’ straight from your mobile device!
★ Be one of the first to adventure into the Maple World with five unique and original MapleStory Explorers!
★ Team up with your friends to explore dungeons and tackle the toughest foes for victory and rewards!
★ Sneak peek into various customization options including our never before seen forge system!
★ All data will be wiped after the beta for balancing and improvements.

[For the best gaming experience, MapleStoryM requires OS 4.1, CPU dual-core and RAM 1.5GB or higher. Some devices under the specification may have difficulties running the game.]

▶ The long waited MapleStory is finally on mobile! ◀
Return to Maple World where all your familiar characters and monsters await!
Enjoy MapleStory anywhere at any time straight from your mobile device!
This is your chance to experience the MapleStory M you have been waiting for.

▶ Five original MapleStory Explorers ◀
Explore the Maple World with five unique MapleStory characters including Dark Knight, Bowmaster, Night Lord, Bishop, and Corsair!

▶ Loot Treasures in the ‘Daily Dungeon’ ◀
Power up your characters with various ‘Jewels’ found in the Daily Dungeons!
Different Jewels are available each day throughout the week!

▶ Defeat monsters in the ‘Elite Dungeon’ ◀
Party with friends or adventure solo into the ‘Elite Dungeon’ for rare rewards!

▶ Power level in your private ‘Mini Dungeon’ ◀
Hunt without distraction in your very own Mini Dungeon.
You can find various quest items by hunting the monster of your choice!

▶ Seek out the Master of the ‘Mu Lung Dojo’ ◀
Challenge yourself in the arena of the very best!
Defeat monsters on each floor to climb up and face the martial arts master “Mu Gong.’

▶ The fearsome ‘Nett’s Pyramid’ ◀
Explore and discover the mysteries of the ‘Nett’s Pyramid.’
Ward off frightening mummies and monsters to reveal mysterious treasures!

▶ Gather your party, it’s time to raid in ‘Expedition’ ◀
Meet MapleStory’s iconic raid boss, ‘Zakum.’
Join a raid party with up to 10 players and battle against Zakum for exclusive rewards!

■ Support & Community
Are you having problems? Contact our 1:1 Support in-game or send us an inquiry to
[email protected]

■ App Permissions Information
In order to provide the following services, we are requesting certain permissions.

[Mandatory Access Rights]
Save picture/media/file: game installation file, save update file and attach screenshots to for customer service.

[How to withdraw access rights]
▶ Android 6.0 or higher: Settings > Applications > Select App > Permissions
▶ Under Android 6.0: Update OS version to retract permissions; Uninstall app
※ If the app does not ask you to grant your permission, manage your permissions by following by the above steps.

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